Ceramic Arts Moreton Bay Inc (CAMB)

Formed in 2014 from the North Pine Country Park Potters Association,
Redcliffe Pottery Group and Bribie Island Potters. CAMB aims to:

  • promote the art of pottery in the region
  • develop ceramic skills through highlight events
  • encourage fellowship between members and the wider community
  • elevate and establish the status of ceramic arts within the region.

CAMB’s next event, Saggars and Pit Firing, 2 April and 7 May Details here

CAMB membership is open to anyone interested in any aspect of pottery and ceramics - just complete a registration form.

Membership fee is $20 per annum for individuals

or $30 per annum for pottery groups.

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Saggars and Pit Firing
- Come join the fun

  • Learn how to make and apply Terra Sigillata,
  • Prepare saggars and take part in a pit firing
  • 2 April and 7 May, 2017

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